Insolvency & Restructuring Experts

At Margulies Faith LLP our lawyers leverage nearly 100 years of experience to offer detailed debt relief guidance to individuals, business owners and creditors throughout the southern and central California areas. Focused solely on issues relating to the bankruptcy process, we strive to provide the insightful, cost-effective and useful advice you need to find relief from overwhelming debt and liquidity issues, or, alternatively, as creditors, to protect your claims and collect upon debts you are owed.

Margulies Faith distinguishes itself in resolving highly complex legal and financial problems utilizing cost-effective, forward-thinking and creative strategies. Every client benefits from this firm structure and receives personalized attention from dedicated and experienced attorneys, who have a comprehensive knowledge of the law. Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in helping clients obtain their goals through practical, cost-effective results.

Having spent much of their careers with larger firms, our attorneys are committed to providing knowledgeable guidance with the attentive service you deserve when addressing these complex financial concerns and matters.

Providing Flexible, but Focused, Bankruptcy Guidance

Rather than spread our talents thinly over a wide range of legal matters, our lawyers focus on offering bankruptcy and insolvency guidance to clients throughout southern and central California.

This specialized knowledge allows us to offer targeted support to business owners, individuals, and families facing overwhelming debt and/or liquidity issues, while also providing services to creditors attempting to protect their interests and collect money in the bankruptcy process.

Creatively Addressing Your Bankruptcy Issues

Certain bankruptcy situations require creativity to maximize the benefits of the bankruptcy process. Our creative approach to your bankruptcy and debt recovery concerns allows us to help you pursue the resolutions you seek in an effective and legal manner.

By carefully examining your situation and your goals, we work to create effective strategies for approaching your case. This tailored approach is designed to help you obtain the maximum benefits possible from filing, or assistance in the recovery of money owed as cost-effectively as possible.

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