Preference Defense Litigation

Los Angeles Preference Litigation Defense Lawyers
As a creditor, accepting payments from a debtor who files for bankruptcy within 90 days of a bankruptcy filing can create a liability to the bankruptcy estate in certain circumstances. Such payments may be the basis for what is known as an “avoidable preferential transfer”, a complicated situation that can lead to hefty legal expense and time spent searching for resolutions.

At Margulies Faith LLP our attorneys leverage nearly 30 years of experience defending preference lawsuits and handling bankruptcy litigation matters.  Our Los Angeles based attorneys provide representation to clients throughout Southern California and the United States.  Our experience allows us to provide you with creative guidance and the most cost-effective and favorable resolutions possible.

Detailed Preference Litigation Guidance
Our knowledge allows us to offer advice on a number of preference litigation issues, including:

  • Analysis of transfers made prior to bankruptcy as possible preferences
  • How to avoid preference exposure
  • Potential defenses to allegations of preferential transfer liability, including:
  • Payments made in ordinary course of business
  • Contemporaneous exchanges of new value
  • Creditors supplying new value or services after the transfer or payment
  • Payment on COD terms
  • Other related defenses

Preference litigation proceedings can quickly become costly and emotionally painful.  In such cases, it is important to have legal counsel that understands the complexities of preference litigation proceedings and can help you mount a proper, speedy and cost-effective defense.

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When facing preference litigation proceedings, it is important to know that you have done nothing wrong.  It is also important to understand your options for defending such actions and what you should expect during the process.

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