Creditors’ Rights Representation in Bankruptcy

Los Angeles Creditors’ Rights Representation in Bankruptcy
As a creditor, attempting to recover debts owed by a business or individual that has recently filed for Chapter 11, 7 or 13 can be a difficult task.  Fortunately, you may be able to pursue payment by aggressively pursuing your rights in the bankruptcy case itself.  When pursuing and enforcing such creditors’ rights in bankruptcy, the guidance of an experienced lawyer can be invaluable for helping you understand your rights and your options.

At Margulies Faith LLP our Los Angeles Chapter 11 creditors’ rights attorneys provide invaluable experience to offer support to creditors throughout the Los Angeles, California area.  We have the insight needed to help you understand your rights as a creditor and your options for protecting your bottom line during the bankruptcy process.

Representing the Interests of Creditors in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Our insight and experience allow us to provide guidance to creditors attempting to recover secured or unsecured claims during the Chapter 11 process.  Our understanding of both sides of the bankruptcy process (that is, debtor and creditor) allows us to offer advice on a wide range of options for recovering amounts owing by Chapter 11 debtors, including:

  • Reclamation claims
  • Valuation proceedings
  • Asserting priority claims
  • Asserting general unsecured claims
  • Asserting secured claims
  • Objecting to Plans of Reorganization

Representing the Interests of Creditors in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
In addition to the creditors’ rights outlined above, certain claims against debtors may not be dischargeable in a bankruptcy case, such as fraud.  Very sensitive time deadlines for asserting such rights may exist.

Throughout the pursuit of your claim, we will provide the aggressive guidance needed to help you exercise your rights as a creditor.  We will also offer advice on the cost-effectiveness of your proceedings, and work to help you recover compensation with a minimal amount of effort and expense.

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