Creditors’ Committee Representation

Unsecured Creditors in Chapter 11 Cases Unsecured creditors often face an expensive and difficult battle to recover debts owed by businesses undergoing the Chapter 11 process.  Fortunately, the federal bankruptcy codes provide some support to unsecured creditors by allowing the appointment of unsecured creditors’ committees.  These committees are appointed to represent the interests of unsecured creditors looking to collect debts from debtors that have filed Chapter 11.

At Margulies Faith LLP, our Los Angeles based creditor committee representation attorneys have extensive experience advising creditor committees and equity committees.  With nearly 20 years of experience advising clients in the greater Los Angeles, California area, we are confident in our ability to provide effective support in even the most complex bankruptcy proceedings.

Protecting the Rights and Interests of Creditors
Our experience and knowledge of the bankruptcy process allows us to provide representation to official creditor committees overseeing creditors’ rights during Chapter 11 proceedings.  Working to help creditors’ committees in a timely and cost effective manner, we offer support on each stage in the process and advice on a wide range of matters, including:

  • Preserving the bankruptcy estate
  • Pursuing remedies to enhance the bankruptcy estate
  • Ensuring that both the Debtor in Possession and the unsecured creditors’ committee performs their resptective duties in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Maximizing the returns to creditors

Providing advice on the proper representation of unsecured creditors

Helping Committees Complete Their Duties Our experience and knowledge of area bankruptcy judges and opposing legal counsel allow us to offer unique and detailed support to creditor committee members overseeing the Chapter 11 proceedings.  This detailed advice can be invaluable for helping committees conduct their duties as representatives, and can improve unsecured creditors’ chances of obtaining payment for debts owed.

Contact an Attorney to Represent a Los Angeles Creditors’ Committee Our lawyers will work to help you resolve any issues encountered during the Chapter 11 process and provide advice on the proper representation of unsecured creditors.  Call 818-705-2777, or contact our office online to discuss your specific creditor committee representation concerns.